The 10 states with the worst roads in America

Rhode Island: Despite its small size, Rhode Island has consistently ranked poorly for road conditions and infrastructure maintenance.

California: Due to its extensive highway system and high traffic volumes, California faces challenges in maintaining its roads, leading to congestion and deterioration.

Hawaii: Limited land availability and heavy rainfall contribute to road degradation in Hawaii, resulting in significant maintenance needs.

Louisiana: Louisiana's roads suffer from frequent flooding, which damages infrastructure, and the state has struggled with funding for maintenance and repairs.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma has a high proportion of structurally deficient bridges and faces challenges in maintaining its extensive road network.

West Virginia: With its mountainous terrain and harsh winters, West Virginia contends with road deterioration and challenging maintenance conditions.

Mississippi: Mississippi's roads suffer from heavy truck traffic, leading to wear and tear, and the state faces challenges in funding infrastructure improvements.

New Mexico: New Mexico has vast rural areas where road maintenance can be challenging, and the state's infrastructure struggles to keep pace with population growth and development.

Michigan: Michigan's roads are notorious for their potholes and cracks, exacerbated by harsh winters and heavy traffic loads.

Alaska: Alaska's roads face extreme weather conditions, permafrost issues, and remote locations, making maintenance difficult and costly.