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9 Most Beautiful Backyard Ideas for Big and Small Budgets

Skip the Grass:

Replace traditional grass with pea gravel for a drought-resistant, Mediterranean-inspired backyard. Surround a bistro table with bee-attracting lavender, rosemary, and roses to create a serene and fragrant space.

Decorate a She Shed

Transform a backyard shed into a charming she shed with a fun barn quilt. Hang checkered fabric on the walls using a rope and staple gun, then furnish with an upholstered couch, rugs, decorative baskets, plants, and a side table.

Make an Easy Potting Station:

Create a thrifty potting table using repurposed items like an old door and upturned galvanized trash cans. This functional workstation is perfect for gardening needs.

Build a Raised Bed Garden:

Construct raised beds from lumber, bricks, concrete blocks, or kits to allow for faster soil warming in spring and better gardening conditions, especially for poor soil.

Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Install hummingbird feeders and plant flowers that hummingbirds love to enjoy their aerial acrobatics. Supplementing their diets with feeders helps attract these delightful birds to your garden.

Repurpose a Patio:

Transform an unused concrete pad or create an outdoor seating area with a movie screen using poured concrete or pea gravel. Marcus and Victoria Ford turned their space into an inviting outdoor retreat.

Cool Off in a Stock Tank Pool:

Convert a stock tank into a mini pool for a budget-friendly and space-saving alternative to traditional pools. Enjoy cooling off during the summer without the hassle of a full-scale pool installation.

Hang a Mason Bee House:

Boost your garden's pollination by installing a Mason Bee house to attract these beneficial pollinators. Different mason bees pollinate specific plants, helping your garden thrive.

Create a Bird Feeder with Dinnerware:

Repurpose old tableware into a charming bird feeder for your garden, providing a unique and eco-friendly way to attract birds.