8 Unique Moves That Stretch and Massage Hard-to-Reach Muscles


Arms at your sides, raised over your buttocks, palms facing upward, while you lie facedown.

Origami stretch

Grasp your right knee and pull it with you as you lean back to lie down (you can lower your right shoulder for a more intense stretch).

Lower back knee drop

With your elbows slightly bent, place your hands behind you with the palms facing downward and the fingertips pointing toward your glutes.

Piriformis massage

Deeply situated behind your glutes, the piriformis is a tiny muscle that functions at your hip to link your femur and lower spine.

Calf massage

Forget the standard calf stretch when you lean against a wall: That's the ancient moos. Try this the next time your calves start to scream.

Dynamic side lunge

Lower into a side lunge by sending your hips back and shifting all of your weight to the right side. Permit the left toes to lift off the ground and point upward.

Cross-leg stretch

Pull your knees to your chest, then cross one leg over the other while using the other hand to grip your ankles.

Frog stretch

With wrists beneath shoulders and knees beneath hips, begin on all fours on a soft surface such as a yoga mat, blanket, or patch of grass.