8 Short, Low-Maintenance Styles For Naturally Curly Hair

Delicate Baby Hairs:

Keep your tight curls hydrated and free while framing your face with gelled baby hairs, using products like TPH's Slick edge control with castor oil for sleek edges.

Shoulder-Length Bob:

Embrace a low-maintenance, relaxed look by refreshing your curls with sulfate-free leave-in spray and hair lotion, such as Rita Hazan s Curl Creme, and adding a touch of oil for extra care.

Curly High-Pony:

Create a fun, high ponytail for short curly hair by pulling it forward and tying it near the forehead, letting your curls fall forward for a playful and effortless style.

Space Buns:

Opt for easy and sweet space buns by detangling and prepping your curls with R+Co's Twister Curl Primer, then play with sections and twists to add an artistic touch.

Loose, Curly Topknot:

Transform a lazy bun into a chic topknot by detangling, applying a moisturizing leave-in like Eva NYC s Rock-A-Wave Curl Cream, and positioning your hair at the center of your head with a few loose strands for a casual yet polished look.

Curly Pixie:

Let your curls stand tall with a curly pixie cut, maintained with a light cream such as Prose Frizz-Reducing Curl Cream, making it easy to shape and control frizz as it grows out.

Curly Lob:

Keep your long bob stylish and low-maintenance by letting your natural curls flow with a middle part, and start wash day with Act+Acre's Cold Pressed Hair Cleanser for fresh and defined curls.

Kinky Chop:

For a low-maintenance look, keep kinky curls hydrated with a leave-in conditioner and seal with an oil like Pattern Beauty's Jojoba Oil Hair Serum, allowing your hair to air-dry and using a spritz of leave-in for continuous moisture on subsequent days.