7 Tips For Rocking Your Gray Hair With Confidence

If necessary, start with highlights: "To aid in the blending process, I recommend lightening [your artificially colored hair] with highlights over time," advises Duenas. "This will do away with the thick, mature line of demarcation."

Take a supplement: According to Roszak, if your hair has been colored, taking a hair growth supplement like Viviscal could help new grays show themselves more quickly while still keeping them healthy and prepared for their close-up.

Try a purple shampoo: A purple toning shampoo can help if you have darker grays that need to be highlighted or blonde hair that has to be blended. Duenas suggests Violet Shampoo by Aloxxi.

Think about getting a cut: You can start fresh by having a chop if you don't want to wait for the grays to grow out. "A gray bob is very chic," the statement goes on, "but sometimes there are years and years of color on the hair, starting fresh can be great."

Combat the frizz: Conditioner is your best buddy because gray hair has a tendency to be coarse and frizzy. Aloxxi's Essential 7 Oil Treatment Conditioner is suggested by Duenas.

Give it your all: Giving up your beloved hair color may be both thrilling and emotionally taxing. "Like any significant change, processing the decision to go gray requires "committing fully and embracing it is key."

Be patient: According to Duenas, hair normally grows about a half-inch every month, so the graying process can take a little while, depending on how much assistance with highlights you receive.