1975 s Cinematic Sewer 8 Films That Shamed the Silver Screen

Crazy Mama

An action-comedy lacking spark, with uninspiring plot and lackluster performances failing to engage modern audiences.

The Giant Spider Invasion

A laughably bad B-movie horror with shoddy effects, plot holes, and wooden acting, perfect for fans of campy cinema.


A prime example of filmmaking flaws, featuring poor editing, cinematography, monotone acting, and an incoherent script.

Lucky Lady

Despite its star-studded cast, the film lacks chemistry between characters, leaving viewers unsure of its genre.

A Girl Called Katie Tippel

A disappointment from a director known for better work, marred by unsympathetic characters and inconsistent tone.

The Black Bird

A lackluster remake overly reliant on references to the original, failing to capture the intrigue of its predecessor.

Give em Hell Harry

A polarizing one-man monologue about Harry Truman's life, appealing to a niche audience but tedious for others.

The Specialist

A thriller lacking thrills, with a convoluted plot, implausible scenarios, and emotionless performances, failing to maintain consistent pacing.