10 Genius Things Mark Cuban Says To Do With Your Money

Cuban emphasizes the importance of calculated risks for financial growth. Discipline in taking risks, such as investing in the market, a business, or education.

Take Calculated Risks

If you decide to invest in high-risk assets like cryptocurrencies, limit these investments to 10% of your portfolio. Treat this money as if it's already lost.

Limit Risky Investments to 10%

Cuban advises keeping money in savings accounts rather than solely relying on the stock market, which he considers volatile. 

Keep Cash in the Bank

Maintain a reserve of six months' worth of income in your bank account. This cushion helps you handle unexpected job loss, relocations.

Save Six Months of Income

For market investments, choose low-cost mutual funds. These funds allow you to pool resources with other investors

Invest Inexpensively in the Market

Cuban stresses the importance of understanding and being prepared for potential losses before committing your money.

Understand Investment Risks

Fear can prevent progress and growth. Educate yourself on investment strategies to build confidence and start with safer, low-cost investments to ease into the market.

Conquer Fear

Apply investment principles to everyday spending. Save money by purchasing items in bulk and taking advantage of discounts. 

Be a Smart Shopper

Rarely rely solely on third-party investment advice. While financial advisors can provide valuable insights.

Limit Third-Party Investment Advice

Cuban advises prioritizing affordability over prestigious institutions to minimize student debt while still gaining valuable knowledge and skills.

Choose Affordable Education